"Fuego de Gitana"

    by Carrol Buntin

Tonight the offshore breezes leave a message meant for me. A path across the moonlit way awaits my company.

The cool, caressing wind awakes this gypsy fire again, and gently fans the flame that flickers from a depth within.

Reaching for a door that's closed until the proper time; Watching through the porthole, patience seems a pain of mine.

Reminiscing stirs the embers. Warmed, we'll both soon say, "Adios, vaya con Dios", getting underway.

...Taken from our mom's book, "The Family That Went Down To The Sea". Learn more...

Polynesian Dancing

Polynesian Dancing includes many different types of South Pacific dance styles. We perform types of Hula (which is from Hawaii), Tahitian Dance (from the Tahitian Islands) and also Poi dancing, (which is from the Maori Indians of New Zealand).